OTM Book 18

OTM Book 18: Cycling Facilities

Since the current version of OTM Book 18 was issued in 2013, the practice of planning and designing cycling facilities has evolved significantly.  Municipalities now have 4 years of experience in applying the guidance in Book 18, have introduced new cycling facilities and treatments, and have many “lessons learned” that inform their practices.

Recognizing this evolution, the time has come for Book 18 to be updated to reflect the collective experiences of Ontario municipalities and current best practices from across Ontario and elsewhere.

A consultant will be retained to perform the tasks of this project and a technical steering committee consisting of representatives from participating Ontario municipalities with input from the Ontario Ministry of Transportation will guide the consultant throughout the project.

The update to the Ontario Traffic Manual (OTM) Book 18, Cycling Facilities will focus on both urban streets and rural roads and will incorporate recent research, theory, concepts, innovations, new methodologies, design concepts and contain information on legal requirements, standards, best practices, procedures, guidelines and recommendations for bicycle facilities.

Please click here for the RFP document.

In recent days, prospective proponents have asked for background material identified in Task 1-1.  Specifically, a) “summary of topics memo” and  b) “Long list” of update suggestions.  The “summary of topics memo” forms the itemized list in Task 1-4 of the RFP document.  During the development of the RFP, it was determined to include this list of topics in bullet form directly into the RFP.

The “long list” of update suggestions is a list of suggestions, ideas and comments from members of the OTC AT Committee related to OTM Book 18.  The purpose of the list is to record all suggestions from AT Committee members for review and consideration as part of the next OTM Book 18 update.  It was created in anticipation of a future update to OTM Book 18 and has been maintained by the OTC AT Committee Chair with additions made to the list as input was received from AT Committee members.  The list is a “raw” record of input received; i.e., the various suggestions, their wording and associated images, etc. have not been reviewed or evaluated, nor are they necessarily endorsed / supported by the AT Committee or the OTM Book 18 Steering Committee – they are listed purely for consideration.

The “long list” may be viewed here:  http://www.otc.org/wp/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/OTM-Book-18-Update-Items-Jan02-18.pdf

To download the minutes of the December 18 Bidders Meeting, click HERE